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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Snakes…Planes….And Client Service?

Posted in Client Service

  What do snakes and planes have to do with good client service?  That is the question I asked myself when I began reading Rob Millard’s post Snakes On A Plane.  He answers the question.  Please read his post–it underscores some very fundamental truths.

The Case Of 1 + 1 = 5

Posted in Client Communications, Client Service, Selection of counsel

Interesting post in Rees Morrison’s Law Department Management blog. Thoughts on Why Law Departments Retain Outside Counsel discusses several theories.  First,  brains vs brawn.  This theory postulates that inside counsel handle the routine stuff but turn to outside counsel for more challenging work.  Second, the overflow theory.  Here, outside counsel are retained whenever there is too much work… Continue Reading

The Wide Gulf Between Lawyer Perceptions And Those Of Their Clients

Posted in Client Service

Inside Counsel just published their 17th Annual Survey Of General Counsel.  Fascinating stuff.  Consistent with my recent posts on the Lake Wobegon Effect (here and here), the Survey reveals that 52% of law firm respondents graded their relationship with clients an A.  On the flip side, only 25% of General Counsel graded their relationship with… Continue Reading

Whoever Said “Good Grammar Costs Nothing” Hasn’t Read This

Posted in Client Service, Selection of counsel

Dan Hull of What About Clients is the leader of the Good-Writing-Is-A-Necessity Bandwagon.  See some of his posts here.  But kudos to Michelle Golden of Golden Practices for keeping this critical topic front and center with her post highlighting the cost Rogers Communications, Inc. from a misplaced comma. (The cost is $2.13 million, by the… Continue Reading

Edge Rocks The Globe!

Posted in People, Places and Blawgs

Let me begin by acknowledging a bias.  Those who have followed my blog know how highly I think of Gerry Riskin of Edge International.  Having watched Gerry in action and more recently had the chance to work with him, I think he operates in the rarefied air that most of us only dream of.  He’s… Continue Reading

The Lake Wobegon Effect–Some Empirical Data

Posted in Client Service

A couple of weeks ago, drawing on some material from Harry Beckwith, I wrote about Overcoming The Lake Wobegon Effect, the phenomenon by which law firms always overestimate the degree to which their clients are satisfied.  Now comes a nice post from Jim Hassett at Legal Business Development that provides some data to support the point. … Continue Reading

New Targets For Clients

Posted in Selection of counsel

Thanks to my friend Dan Hull at What About Clients for introducing (at least to me) the concept of “muscle boutiques.”   Top talent, small firms, lower overhead, no deadwood.  Why should clients pay for those unprofitable offices in luxury cities? Do you get more value per person from Navy Seals or several battalions of infantry? … Continue Reading

The Bus Ride Continues

Posted in Leadership and Management

  On July 27, I posted some comments about the “Bus Metaphor” from Jim Collins’ outstanding book, Good To Great.  My post inspired Michelle Golden to post a comment.   Michelle’s original post questioned the applicability of the bus metaphor to professional service firms given their differences from the businesses studied in Jim’s seminal work.   Utterly serendipitously, I… Continue Reading

“Timesheet Terrors”

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives

I love finding examples of time sheet errors, be they deliberate or not.  Intentional deceit makes the more compelling case against use of the billable hour method, but negligent error also makes a compelling case for change.  In the August 2006 edition of Inside Counsel, Executive Editor Rob Vosper pens a piece about the use… Continue Reading