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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Setting Priorities Improves Client Service

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The Greatest American Lawyer has an interesting post–Lawyers Need to Get Their Priorities Straight–that is worth reading.  The post draws on GAL’s new practice of having a routing sheet attached to paper that comes in the office that sets a priority for the paper.  GAL explains: When documents arrive at our office by mail, fax… Continue Reading

The Art Of Listening

Posted in Client Communications

Its hard to be in a service business and not focus considerable attention on the art of listening.  It is, after all, the gateway to your client’s soul, and when you are able to communicate at that level, you’ve gone a long way toward becoming your client’s trusted advisor.  See earlier posts here and here. … Continue Reading

Is Voice Mail A Good Thing?

Posted in Client Communications

Ed Poll answers with a resounding “NO!”  Ed writes the terrific LawBiz Blog.  His post that “Voice mail is killing you” is a must read.  This topic never bores me.  See my prior posts here and here.  Like many things, voicemail is a tool, neither inherent good or bad.  Used wisely, it is helpful.  Used foolishly,… Continue Reading


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Many fellow bloggers have followed up on the story in the New York Times that women represent only 17% of the partners in the nation’s major firms.  I ended up posting a comment to Monica Bay’s take on this story.  I would love to see the statistics because I suspect that what they show is… Continue Reading

Do we have what it takes to be first rate?

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The March 27, 2006 issue of U.S. News & World Report contains a disturbing article on “The Fight For The Future: What America Must Do To Keep Up With Roaring Economies Like Those Of China, India, and South Korea.”  Why disturbing?  Let me refer to some statistics cited: $194 billion spent by US companies on… Continue Reading

Where do you stand on GC BS barometer?

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  Michelle Golden posted on what I call the GC BS barometer.  She actually called her post “GC Sense That Building Relationships’ Is A Euphemism For ‘Give Us More Work.’“  From Michelle’s post: Little wonder that in law, for example, increasing numbers of General Counsel sense that when your firm talks about “building relationships” it… Continue Reading

Negative Comments About Your Service Are Killers

Posted in Client Service

Last July, I posted a comment about negative referrals, using a personal experience. Because negative comments can be so devastating, I wanted to draw your attention to a great post by Larry Bodine. Larry’s post “Ain’t Nothin’ Worse Than Bad Word Of Mouth” relates several key findings from a study by the Verde Group, Consumer… Continue Reading

Avoid Becoming Roadkill

Posted in Client Service

In a private email congratulating me on the new appearance of ISOPCS, The Wired GC kindly sent me a picture to remind me of the juxtaposition between the idlyllic picture above and what we are if lose sight of the importance of client service. Thanks for reminding us to keep our eye on the ball,… Continue Reading

A Time To Sell? No Way!

Posted in Client Surveys and Audits

In late January, I was one of several bloggers posting about who should be conducting client surveys and whether the surveys should be a disguised or blantant selling vehicle. Check this post for background. Jim Hassett continues this dialogue today with his post at Law Firm Business Development. Its a very interesting post. The Director… Continue Reading

New Look, New Location, Same Old Me

Posted in General

If you’re reading this,you have found your way to my new URL. Thank you! If you have been kind enough to list me on your blogroll, I would be most appreciative if you would note the change on your blog. Please let me know what you think of the new look!