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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Blawg Review # 45

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Greetings from Tucson, Arizona, where it is sunny and a delightful 68 degrees.  By contrast, Chicago, which I left on Friday for this brief vacation, had a high of 8 degrees on Saturday, and a low of -7 degrees.  Brrrrrrr. As someone who is constantly “searching” (in my case, for perfect client service), I thought… Continue Reading

Michelle Golden: Wow!

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  One of the really cool things about blogging is developing an electronic relationship with someone and then finally getting to meet them.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the great fortune of spending this past Saturday with Gerry Riskin.  Today, I was able to finally meet the incomparable Michelle Golden, author… Continue Reading

Marketing Conference in NY in May

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the American Conference Institute is hosting the Cross-Industry Summit on Law Firm Marketing Leadership at the Westin New York at Times Square on May 15-17.  The event is designed to provide strategies to facilitate firm wide collaboration for client development and retention efforts.  The agenda is posted here. … Continue Reading

Selecting Outside Counsel

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Check out this post by Tom Collins at morepartnerincome.  Tom refers to an article by Bob Burns at Brouse McDowell in Akron, Ohio.  Bob is a former inhouse attorney and has both selected and been selected, so he knows of what he speaks.  The article says  “I believe that a business should consider the ‘Five… Continue Reading

Gerry Riskin: Retreat Leader Extraordinaire

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“When Gerry speaks, he reaches parts of your mind that you have never used before.”   Sue Stapely, Barrister and Solicitor, London “I don’t know Sue Stapely, but she is a master of understatement.”  Patrick Lamb, Attorney, Chicago My partner Jim Rubin is a brilliant lawyer.  He that rare combination of extraordinary intelligence and killer instincts,… Continue Reading

Countdown to Gerry Riskin!

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Gerry Riskin is a renowned blogger(Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices) and internationally sought-after consultant to professional service firms (through Edge International). I’ve had the great fortune to meet Gerry Riskin, spend time with him in conversation, hear him present to a large audience, exchange emails and blog entries, but I have never heard him lead a… Continue Reading

Congratulations to Michelle Golden

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Congratulations to Michelle Golden on her 100th blog post!  Her Golden Practices is one of my “must-read” blogs.  Michelle used the occasion of her 100th post to write something “extra thoughtful” and she hit the ball out of the park.  Check out her post on The Profitability Problem as well as the followup post Profitability… Continue Reading

Brands, Lovemarks and Tattoos

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

A number of us have been having a discussion about branding, summarized here and here.  Against that backdrop, I started reading Lovemarks, by Kevin Roberts.  Roberts is the “Worldwide CEO” of Saatchi & Saatchi.  He is the originator of the concept of “lovemarks,” described on the Saatchi web site as: Lovemarks are brands that inspire… Continue Reading

Do, Don’t Say, Marketing

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The February 2006 issue of The American Lawyer contains a terrific article by Charles Green –“Selling by Doing.”  Green is the author of Trust-Based Selling and the article comes from his book.   Green recounts the story told by a General Counsel of a Fortune 50 company:       We needed to hire outside counsel; we… Continue Reading