From time to time, I have the opportunity to provide examples of great client service or innovative thinking in the area.  Today, I want to highlight the work of Ralph Palumbo of the The Summit Law Group in Seattle.  The firm has a great story to tell:

 We formed Summit Law Group to revolutionize the way legal services are provided to law firm customers. Most law firms provide legal services in the same way that they did 25 years ago. Those firms focus on lawyers, not customers. Their practice model relies on large numbers of people billing large numbers of hours, often without regard for the value of the work to the customer.

We reject that model. We believe that the market for legal services has dramatically changed in the last decade. Our mission is to think creatively and proactively in formulating the most effective and efficient solutions to your legal needs.

Here’s the example of focusing on the client that I really like:

 Summit Law Group’s value adjustment line is a cornerstone of our billing approach. We empower each of our customers with the right to adjust our billing, upward or downward, based on our customer’s perception of the value received, not ours.

How many of us trust our clients enough to give them this discretion?  Ralph is a leading thinker in the area of client service.  To my knowledge, he is not an active blogger.  But we all would benefit it he were.  Ralph, consider this an invitation.