Altman Weil did a survey of the Amlaw 200.  Sixty three firms responded.  The survey is available from Altman Weil and it is discussed in the January 2006 issue of American Lawyer.  The survey covers many areas and I will be discussing it in other posts, but one topic addressed was use of Six Sigma by these firms.

Three firms, 5.1%, had utilized Six Sigma.  Five firms, 8.5%, have not used Six Sigma but plan to in the future.  Fifty one firms, or 86.4%, have not used Six Sigma and have no plans to do so.  Given the success achieved by many companies who have implemented Six Sigma, I was inclined to be surprised that more had not tried it.  Then I remembered that these were law firms.  Populated by lawyers.  The people most resistant to change assembled in a single profession.  Oh well.

For what its worth, of the three firms that had tried Six Sigma, one found its experience “very successful,” another found its experience “successful,” and the third found its experience “neutral.”