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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Speed: The Essential Ingredient

Posted in Client Service

I was absolutely stunned to read this post by Tom Collins, who writes morepartnerincome.  To set the stage, Tom tells this story: The attorneys were talking about handling e-mail and phone calls.  The partner from the young firm bragged that he made a practice of always responding to e-mail the next day.  His practice was… Continue Reading

Bill Clinton: Bringing New Meaning To Client Service?

Posted in General

Hilarious post by Dan Hull following up on the news that Bill Clinton is eligible to reinstate his law degree. On behalf of his firm, Dan posts this ad: WANTED: Of counsel for growing Pittsburgh-based boutique business law firm. Must have at least 8 years of highest level federal Exec. Branch experience, world-wide connections, Yale… Continue Reading

David Maister joins blogosphere

Posted in People, Places and Blawgs

David Maister, who inspired me with several presentations and inspires me with his books and articles, has joined the blogosphere.  He is blog is called Passion, People and Principles.  He explains the blog name this way: The title of my blog derives from a comment made by Tom Peters who observed in his blog that… Continue Reading

Branding? YES!

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Dan Hull recently posted that “Law Firm Logos are Goofy, Useless, a Waste of Time and Money.”  And then he promised to let us know what he really thinks about logos.  Seriously, Dan drew on a post from Tom Kane who writes the Legal Marketing Blog.  Tom’s post on logos drew on a post by… Continue Reading

Is Rainmaking A Learned Skill Or A Natural Trait?

Posted in Leadership and Management, Marketing, Branding and Sales

Larry Bodine summarized Dr. Larry Richard’s presentation at the 2006 Marketing Partner Forum here.  Dr. Richard is the head of Hildebrandt’s  Leadership & Organization Development Practice Group, which helps law firms and legal departments on people issues.  Since the early 1980’s, he has pioneered the application of psychology and other behavioral sciences to the improvement… Continue Reading

Its Not Price. Its Value.

Posted in Hourly Rates and Alternatives

Dan Hull has a good post on his What About Clients blog about price competition.  His approach is not to compete on price but instead to compete on service, not price.  His insight, which I cannot improve on in any way, is that “if clients come to you for price, they will leave you for… Continue Reading

Good summary on Traits Clients Seek

Posted in Client Service

Fascinating post by James Hassett of Law Firm Business Development summarizing a presentation by Paul Clifford at a recent New England Legal Marketing Association meeting. Clifford is a former managing partner at a mid-size Boston law firm.  Clifford’s thesis is that the market for legal services is becoming more and more competitive.  Writes Hassett: Many of the trends… Continue Reading

Good Leadership Story

Posted in Leadership and Management

  I’ve been writing more about leadership and execution lately because they are essential factors for success.  Bruce MacEwen at Adam Smith, Esq. has a good post about Clifford Chance’s Peter Cornell that talks about these factors.  

The Value Of Vigorous Debate

Posted in Leadership and Management

I’ll admit it:  I was a high school and college debater.  Those were formative years and many lessons I learned have stayed with me.  Perhaps the most important is the value of vigorous debate.  Looking for ways to defeat your colleagues’ arguments.  We believed that if an argument could survive our practice, it had an… Continue Reading