I am very happy to see the number of posts commenting favorably on the launching of the Law Department Purchasing Consortium.   Highly respected blogs and bloggers and greeted the lauch with enthusiasm.  Gerry RiskinLarry BodineGeoffrey Gussis,  and The Wired GC all have taken note of the launch.

I need to acknowledge upfront that I am part of the Consortium and am on its Advisory Board.  Having said that, it is a great concept.  The Consortium is designed to help law department leaders gain more value for their legal spend, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. These objectives are achieved: (a) by pooling the purchasing power of participating law departments; (b) by providing technology and specific legal management tools to law departments on a turnkey, cost-free basis; and (c) by introducing law department leaders to a select group of best-in-class, partnering-savvy attorneys and legal suppliers  who are committed to helping their clients achieve their business goals.   The Consortium was conceived by Gary Cohen, EVP and GC of Finish Line, Inc. (and ACC Board member), but it was given birth through the perseverance and hard work of Peter Jenkins.

Its a great concept.  I hope it works.  And I strongly encourage inhouse readers to take a look at the idea, let Peter know what you think, and envision how the Consortium could work for you.