December 2005

Corporate Counsel magazine (January 2006 issue) did a survey of General Counsel at Fortune 250 Companies.  The survey found (15% response rate) that 34% of the surveyed GCs fired a firm in 2005 for poor performance, 3% for poor technological capabilities, 3% for lack of diversity, 9% for a combination of those factors and 31%

The Greatest American Lawyer contains a very thoughtful post on the issue of whether law firms will ever lead change in the manner services are provided to clients. The GAL posits that  “[i]t has been suggested that until clients demand that law firms deliver lower cost and higher quality services, law firms will not be

My 4 kids are counting the minutes until Santa’s arrival.  Their bedtime announces the beginning of my “assembly period.”  It is a fun time, producing many special memories.  I hope all of you experience similar special moments this holiday season.  Merry Christmas from all the Lambs.