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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Firing Law Firms

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Corporate Counsel magazine (January 2006 issue) did a survey of General Counsel at Fortune 250 Companies.  The survey found (15% response rate) that 34% of the surveyed GCs fired a firm in 2005 for poor performance, 3% for poor technological capabilities, 3% for lack of diversity, 9% for a combination of those factors and 31%… Continue Reading

The Geography of Great Client Service

Posted in Client Communications, Leadership and Management

Eschewing the time-honored maxim of “location, location, location,” The Wired GC continues his analysis of the importance (or lack thereof) of office location in a world where most client interaction occurs in the client’s office, or at least somewhere other than the lawyer’s office.  The post, bearing the sublime title “What Face Means For Place,”… Continue Reading

A Substantive “Must” For Great Client Service

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I saw this post on PDF for Lawyers, a site edited by Ernie Svenson (Ernie the Attorney) and Dave Fishel, just on top of participating in an ALM program on the same topic.  The referenced article from the Federal Courts Law Review is an excellent overview on electronic evidence issues.  There are, to be sure, lawyers… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas To All

Posted in General

My 4 kids are counting the minutes until Santa’s arrival.  Their bedtime announces the beginning of my “assembly period.”  It is a fun time, producing many special memories.  I hope all of you experience similar special moments this holiday season.  Merry Christmas from all the Lambs.

Insights From Inside Counsel

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One great way for lawyers to learn how to best serve clients is to list what clients have to say.  To that end, check out this article reprinted at Law.com.  The article is about lawyers who went to speak to an audience of inside lawyers.  Here’s the key description: Sitting between in-house attorneys and facing… Continue Reading

Good Writing: What Lawyers Do To Christmas

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I received this via email today.  I know its a joke.  But, its way too easy to see how many lawyers would do exactly this if required to write this for real.  That said, its pretty darn funny.   The Night Before Christmas (An Attorney’s Version) Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas,… Continue Reading

Magnetic Service

Posted in Client Service

I just started reading Magnetic Service by Chip and Bilijack Bell. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, but the introduction captured my attention.  “We selected ‘magnetic’ to describe the kind of service experience for customers that fosters their enduring passionate devotion …” the authors write.  In speaking about ‘magnetic’ personalities, the authors say… Continue Reading

Harry Beckwith On Passion

Posted in People, Places and Blawgs

I receive Harry Beckwith’s monthly newsletter by email.  I read them carefully because Harry Beckwith is much smarter than I am.  His December newsletter is entitled “Giovanni and the Extraordinary Force of Passion.”  It is the story of a man who is a maitre d’ at a hotel in Ravello, Italy.  He works long hours,… Continue Reading

Another Writing Issue: Clarity in Billing

Posted in Client Communications

Dan Hull recently had a nice post about writing for clients in his What About Clients blawg.  As I sit here reviewing several bills (I am national counsel and review local counsel invoices), I see entries like “analytical review of of plaintiff’s threshold information”.  What does that mean?  Should we contrast this review from a… Continue Reading

Under promise and over deliver is not simply falling over the goal line–its blowing through the back of the endzone!

Posted in Commentary

Interesting post by Dan Hull taking issue with the “under promise and over deliver” philosophy of client service.  As I understand Dan’s argument, the philosophy doesn’t apply to lawyers because client expectations are so low that “over delivering” doesn’t really accomplish much.  Sort of like being the tallest midget. Dan’s argument continues that lawyers really… Continue Reading

The Ability To Serve

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Many of you know I spent the last month and half in Los Angeles on trial (non-suit against my client!).  So I’m catching up on a lot of reading that I missed.  This morning, I’ve been reading several weeks worth of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  The December 1, 2005 issue contains a reprint of… Continue Reading

An Opportunity For In House Lawyers To Work With Lawyers Truly Committed To Client Service

Posted in Trends and Innovations

I am very happy to see the number of posts commenting favorably on the launching of the Law Department Purchasing Consortium.   Highly respected blogs and bloggers and greeted the lauch with enthusiasm.  Gerry Riskin,  Larry Bodine,  Geoffrey Gussis,  and The Wired GC all have taken note of the launch. I need to acknowledge upfront that… Continue Reading