November 2005

From Rees Morrison in his Law Department Management blawg, a reference to and old favorite of mine, the USF&G study showing money saved by using more expensive lawyers.  The description:  

In 1992, the insurance company USF&G evaluated its 250 law firms and dropped 100 of them. It replaced those firms, not with more $80 average

With due regard to the author of a book by the same name, I believe that in today’s corporate environment, one person cannot service a client alone.  It takes a team.  For example, while I am away on trial, my colleagues are doing yeoman work for “my” (really, our) clients and I am lucky to

I’ve been carrying around some information on Peter Drucker and intended to write an entry about his profound contributions to the business world.  But I was catching up on some blawg reading and ran across Bruce MacEwen’s thoughtful comments in his Adam Smith, Esq. blawg and I realized I could not improvde on what he