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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say.

Posted in Client Communications

I love finding examples of jargon-ese.  You know what I mean.  Its where a firm decides that it needs to use all of the big words some consultant suggested would be an excellent way for the firm to distinguish itself.  Check out this post from Guerrilla Consulting.   I need to write this carefully, because it… Continue Reading

You Get What You Pay For, But Only To A Point

Posted in Commentary

From Rees Morrison in his Law Department Management blawg, a reference to and old favorite of mine, the USF&G study showing money saved by using more expensive lawyers.  The description:   In 1992, the insurance company USF&G evaluated its 250 law firms and dropped 100 of them. It replaced those firms, not with more $80 average… Continue Reading

The Value Of Speaking To A Person

Posted in Leadership and Management

I just read an interesting post on Michelle Golden’s Golden Practices weblog about voicemail message content.  It made me wonder, however, about the best use of voicemail.   In an age where secretaries are become scarcer or are working for 73 professionals at the same time, it is pretty common that you bypass humans when you… Continue Reading

It takes a Village

Posted in Leadership and Management

With due regard to the author of a book by the same name, I believe that in today’s corporate environment, one person cannot service a client alone.  It takes a team.  For example, while I am away on trial, my colleagues are doing yeoman work for “my” (really, our) clients and I am lucky to… Continue Reading

Peter Drucker

Posted in Commentary

I’ve been carrying around some information on Peter Drucker and intended to write an entry about his profound contributions to the business world.  But I was catching up on some blawg reading and ran across Bruce MacEwen’s thoughtful comments in his Adam Smith, Esq. blawg and I realized I could not improvde on what he… Continue Reading

Can I introduce you to my partner (pssst–what’s your name?)?

Posted in Commentary, Leadership and Management

Visiting recently with a former colleague, I was reminded of a scenario that plays out all too frequently in multi-office firms.  Relationship lawyers, faced with pressure from above to “cross sell,” try to introduce their clients to partners in the firm’s new office in (pick a city) or the latest lateral hire in (pick a… Continue Reading