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Expect Good Things

Posted in Client Service

Those who have read this blog before know that I have great admiration for Gerry Riskin.  Another reason to admire Gerry and his work is his post entitled The Power of Positive Expectancy.  Here’s the concept:

What if this is true (and, by the way, it is):

“If you expect your clients to be thrilled with your services – they will”

“If you flat out expect your clients to refer business your way – they will…”

“…Have you ever found yourself so excited about a … service that people [retained] you because they almost had to?”

Set the service bar.  Expect that clients will be thrilled with your service.  Ask them if they are.  If they are, raise the bar (because expectations will grow!).  If they are not, ask why, fix whatever didn’t work right, and raise the bar (because you have to deliver more on a second chance!).