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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Speakerphone Etiquette

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I’ve posted on this before, and I don’t think repeating myself is necessarily a good thing.  But I was on a conference call yesterday, and I was reminded yet again why anyone who uses a speaker phone with a client is playing with fire.  Fortunately, I was not on my speaker phone, but another outside… Continue Reading

Lexus As A Model For Law Firms?

Posted in Client Service

Brilliant post by Bruce MacEwen in his Adam Smith, Esq. blog (one of my must read blogs).  Drawing on a story in Barron’s about the creation, rise and dominance of Lexus in the luxury car market, Bruce hypothesizes about a law firm following the same model: The Lexus story is the story of an outsider… Continue Reading

Passion For Serving

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Monday night football.  Nike commercial.  An old coach tells a young player: ” A man thinks he can.  Another man thinks he can’t.  Both are right.  Which one are you?” Personal expectations.  Passion for success.  An insane zeal for excellence.  Harry Beckwith, author of the book “What Clients Love,” writes in his July newsletter that:… Continue Reading

Expect Good Things

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Those who have read this blog before know that I have great admiration for Gerry Riskin.  Another reason to admire Gerry and his work is his post entitled The Power of Positive Expectancy.  Here’s the concept: What if this is true (and, by the way, it is): “If you expect your clients to be thrilled… Continue Reading

Underpromise and Overdeliver

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I was in my local pharmacy the other day and dropped off two prescriptions.  I needed to be at my kids’ school in thirty minutes.  I asked how long it would take to get the prescriptions filled.  Fifteen minutes, I was told.  I decided to wait.  Fifteen minutes passed, and my name wasn’t called.  At… Continue Reading

WOW!–Thank you

Posted in People, Places and Blawgs

First this post from Larry Bodine in his Professional Marketing blog.  Then this one from Gerry Riskin, author of the terrific Amazing Firms Amazing Practices blog.  Larry and Gerry both write great blawgs (both listed on the left column as among my favorite blawgs).  I’m honored by both of their posts.  I have been around… Continue Reading

Holiday Cards–HELP!

Posted in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Labor Day passes.  I return to the office after traveling and being on trial for the better part of a month, and I return to a Law Practice article (September 2005) on holiday cards.  Six full pages on holiday cards.  I run hot and cold on cards and gifts.  Many clients cannot accept gifts, and… Continue Reading