August 2005

The degree of devastation does not begin to register.  I have been following Ernie the Attorney’s front-line, first-hand posts about living through Katrina and her aftermath.  The simple story of his daughter’s 16th birthday party on Saturday and her not knowing where her friends are now moved me to tears because it is clear her

We have all heard (or been heard) inside counsel bemoan the performance of a lawyer or a law firm.  Such laments invariably beg the question, “why not change?”  One barrier frequently mentioned is the cost of switching counsel.  In the vein, I draw your attention to an excellent post by Rees Morrison in his Law

Today’s Wall Street Journal contains a fullsome report on the $253 million verdict against Merck in the first Vioxx trial.  Two things jumped out at me as being significant from a client perspective standpoint.  First, the jurors referenced the absence of Merck CEO and another senior executive from the courtroom.  They gave videotaped testimony.  What,

We had just concluded a couple of days of arbitration, with more to go.  We met with our clients and some others in the early evening, after which we broke up.  Our client and a another were going to dinner at a place where getting a cab afterwards would not be automatic.  My colleague immediately

Nice profile on Joel Henning of Hildebrandt in the Front And Center column of the Sunday Chicago Tribune business section.  Most of it is background or Chicago-focused, but I did like this Q and A:

    Q:          Some attorneys are leaving the profession because they can’t compete against billing cheaters–lawyers who

I was reading the latest issue of Law Firm Inc. (one of my “must reads”) and stopped at the “On Management” column about client interviews.  I started reading, but had to stop.  The article made too much sense.  Every article about client interviews makes too much sense.

We’ve been doing client interviews for nearly five

Corporate Legal Times reports on the 200 largest legal departments.  At the end of the report is a breakdown by industry of the number of attorneys in a company per billion dollars in revenue.  For example, in the Aerospace and Defense category, the listed companies average 4 lawyers per billion dollars in revenue.  Here are