May 2005

Today’s Chicago Sun Times reports that McGuire Woods has ousted Chicago partner Ted Tetzlaff, who had been serving in the dual role as firm partner and General Counsel of  Peoples Energy, and has severed its relationship with Peoples, which last year paid the firm $8.7 million in fees.  According the article, Tetzlaff denied he was

During the roundtables, the discussion frequently turned to a question of me-what type of fee did I think had the best chance of succeeding.  My answer was direct-a fixed fee with a success kicker, whether in the form of a pure premium or recapturing a hold back or a combination of those two.  Here’s why

Since I haven’t received permission from anyone to use their names or attribute comments, I won’t.  But in a moment of great insight, one Assistant GC described one significant impediment to use of alternative fees-the risk of public failure.  What happens to a rising star when he or she starts using alternative fee arrangements and

You may recall that I was to host several roundtable discussions of in-house counsel on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship in an event sponsored by Corporate Counsel magazine and Richmond Events.  The focus of the roundtables was alternative fees.  In my view, the event was a terrific success by any measure, but the discussions on

Every football season, you hear about players who have arthroscopic knee surgery and then return to play two weeks later.  It doesn’t seem to be that big a deal.  Well, I had my knee ‘scoped on Monday.  All I can say is that it is a miracle that these guys can run and tackle and

Ron Baker, a leading thinker and author on alternatives to the billable hour was a participant in LexThink, a program I attended in early April.  His view is that the client should determine the value of the work that needs to be performed, and that value should drive price rather than price determining value. 

Providing yet more fodder for this blawg, the May issue of Corporate Counsel contains a short article entitled “Conflict Avoidance,” which discusses Citigroup’s new policy on conflicts, which makes it difficult to impossible to get a waiver to sue the company.  My vantage point as a partner in a 30 plus lawyer firm makes it