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Links to my Art of Value podcast with Kirk Bowman

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Kirk Bowman has become one of the leading voices on value billing. Kirk produces the “Art of Value” podcast. He has interviewed an range of people who have offered so many great ideas on value, pricing and billing, including Ed Kless, Michele Golden, Peter Carayannis, the great Ron Baker, John Chisholm, and so many others… Continue Reading

Moving at the Speed of Business

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Business moves fast.  Really fast.  Does your law firm keep up? If you think you do, think again.  Do you think in days when your clients are operating in hours?  Weeks instead of days.  It is a rare law firm designed to move as quickly as clients often need them to move. What are you… Continue Reading

The Greater Fool

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Most people spend their lives trying not to be the Greater Fool. We toss him the hot potato. We dive for his seat when the music stops. The greater fool is someone with the perfect blend of self-delusion and ego to think that he can succeed where others have failed. This whole country was made… Continue Reading

Winning the daily war within

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I have internal demons. To ease the burden of these demons, I imagine that everybody has their share.  Even if not true, believing it to be makes it easier to accept that I have demons.  But deep down, I know I must fight mine every day. Every. Single. Day. My number one demon is complacency…. Continue Reading

Litigators: What’s your story?

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Trial lawyers see a case as a story.  They are constantly thinking about the story and why the jury should care about it. Litigators see a case as a series of motions and briefs, depositions and documents. The stuff litigators see as the point of a case is just a road to the end.

Some free advice to recent law grads

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For reasons entirely unbeknownst to me, professors, law deans and others in law school frequently refer law school grads to me to suggest approaches to the legal workforce.  Valorem doesn’t hire new law school graduates (or even recent ones), but I end up seeing an awful lot of resumes.  I’ve put together a few thoughts… Continue Reading

Corporate Executive Board identifies 9 efficiency trends in legal

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I ran across a terrific post by Sampriti Ganguli of Corporate Executive Board, 9 Efficiency Trends to Watch for in Legal.  The author identified the source of the conclusions drawn” As we reflect back on this past year, it’s worth looking back on what CEB has learned in analyzing legal departments’ budgets from over 300 different companies… Continue Reading

Discounted hourly rates are not alternative fees

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I had to do a bit of catching up on my MCLE, so I watched a program entitled Attorney Alternative Billing Options and Their Ethical Considerations.  Apart from the absence of any meaningful discussion of ethical issues, I was stunned by the speaker’s unequivocal statement that “discounted fees are a form of alternative fees.”  I… Continue Reading

The Euro issue: a chance to avoid litigation?

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There has been a great deal of speculation about the collapse of the European common currency, the Euro, should Greece withdraw from the Euro or if Spain’s banking system collapses.  It is impossible to know how long or whether the Euro will last.  Indeed, given the relative cost to countries like Germany, bailouts are much… Continue Reading

Disaggregation pushing demise of BigLaw?

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Corporate Counsel is out with a fascinating article, Bye-Bye Big Firm.  The article focuses on disaggregation as a disruptive force in the change cycle.  And while this is true, it is only part of the story.  The unbundling of services has allowed new entrants into certain markets, particularly in the process and content buckets (see… Continue Reading

Nicole Auerbach now a fellow-elect in the College of Law Practice Management

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My partner Nicole Auerbach received word last week that she has been elected a fellow in the College of Law Practice Management.  Way to go Nicole.  A well-deserved honor.  Here’s why: The College Law Practice Management was formed in 1994 to honor and recognize distinguished law practice management professionals, to set standards of achievement for… Continue Reading

Patent Litigator Martin Lefevour joins Valorem Law Group

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My partners and I are pleased to announce that patent litigator Marty Lefevour has joined our number (formal bio here).  Marty has a wealth of experience, both as an inside lawyer and as a partner at Katten Muchin.  The subject matter of the litigation has been quite diverse, including software and internet-based technologies, financial exchange… Continue Reading

Rate increases again–that time of year

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Great post by Jay Shepherd on “modest” rate increases.  You know that any post that begins “If you see lawyers with their arms in slings, it’s probably from too much patting themselves on their backs” is going to be a good post.  Jay notes that rates have gone up 10% since 2009 during a massive… Continue Reading

Important words to know for great customer service

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In five words or less, courtesy of Tom Peters.  A sample: 4 most important words: “What do you think?” (Dave Wheeler @ tompeters.com: “Most important 4 words in organization”) 4 most important words: “How can I help?” (Boss as CHRO/Chief Hurdle Removal Officer) 2 most important words: “Thank you!” (Appreciation/Recognition) 2 most important words: “All… Continue Reading