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Ten Marketing Rules For Lawyers (and these are great rules)

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Matt Homann’s Ten New Rules of Legal Marketing in the [non]billable hour is brilliant.  Here are my two favorites:

2.  Google tells me there are 337,000 "Full Service Law Firms” out there.  Which one was yours again?

7.  Having the scales of justice on your business card says you’re a lawyer — an old, stodgy, unimaginative, do-what-everyone-else-has-done-for-fifty-years lawyer.  Same is true for your yellow pages ad.

And from his follow-up post Ten Rules About Hourly Billing are these gems:

5.  When you bill by the hour, your once-in-a-lifetime flash of brilliant insight that saves your client millions of dollars has the same contribution to your bottom line as the six minutes you just spent opening the mail.

6.  Businesses succeed when their people work better.  Law firms succeed when their people work longer.  Your clients understand this — and resent you for it.